An idea to start this creative business emerged from the matter of need ..a need to provide this side of the globe with exquisite photography backdrops. All our hand-painted backdrops (created through the means of traditional & digital methods) are own original projects. With 15 years of experience in the field of traditional and digital painting, as well graphic design we turn mere ideas into unique pieces of art of exceptional quality. This is all to serve our most fundamental purpose- to inspire.

We make sure to continuously expand our offer, assuring new designs are available for you to choose from each month. Our aim is to create a platform full of beautiful designs in abundance of styles so that the photography market can bloom with dazzling variety of inspirations.

We believe passion only gives us happiness when we can freely express our creativity. It fulfils us when we can expand on our techniques and meet our clients’ needs. This is why Florence Backdrops was brought to life, to offer means for an authentic creative expression, for each of your inspirations to loom and foremost to make your creative objectives achievable.