Our Fabric Backdrops are printed on a high quality, perfect matt poly fabric, very easy to handle and keep clean. Our up to 2m wide backdrops are supplied with a wooden bar sewn into the top edge of the backdrop, which makes it easy to mount and store away when not in use. The wooden bar is removable (it’s placed in an easily accessible pouch) and the backdrop can be folded away if storage space is your concern.

All backdrops wider than 2m come with an extra 15cm stripe of white fabric to the top edge of the backdrop.This allows easy folding over the rail to keep the backdrop evenly stretched and fastened securely using photography clamps (not included), while not damaging the design.


The bottom edge is equipped in a metal rail, which helps to keep the backdrop evenly stretched and equally spread across the corners during your photo sessions, If you are looking to stretch your backdrop to cover the floor as well, please remember that our fabric backdrop may fold upon your model movement.


If You have any more questions about our materials please don’t hesitate to contact with us!