Terms & Conditions


Before placing an order, please make sure to make yourself familiar with the following Terms & Conditions. Placing an order is considered equal with agreeing to the following Terms& Conditions. Also, please note that to place an order you must be over 18 years old and able to understand and accept Terms & Conditions.

  1. RETURNS & REFUNDS: if you decided that for any reason you do not wish to proceed with your placed order, you have the right to withdraw your order within two hours from forwarding your payment. Your funds will be refunded in full within 5 working days.

    Please, make sure you selected an accurate design, material and size of your backdrop before placing an order. Your order will be printed based o your selection and no re-printing will be offered in the event of providing incorrect order information.

  2. DAMAGED ORDER: you are obliged to check your order’s packaging and content immediately after delivery to check whether it’s free from any damage or technical imperfections. Should your order require replacing due to damaged/faulty content, please contact us with 72 hours from delivery to arrange order’s return. Claims made after 72 hours form delivery will not be considered for a refund.

    Should your order become damaged in delivery, you have the right to request a full refund or product replacement. In both cases your damaged order needs to be returned to proceed with your claim.

    No claims will be accepted in the event of returning an order due to change of mind, or minor colour inconsistencies. As this is a printed product, be aware that there are always small differences expected between printed products and designs displayed on the screen. We do not hold responsibility for colour inconsistencies of printed backdrops and designs visible on the screen, and therefore we cannot accept returns based on colour/design inconsistencies. 

  3. ORDERS & PAYMENTS: to place an order simply select from the range of designs and available sizes before proceeding to the checkout. Make sure to select the correct design, material and size before placing your order. We will not accept returns should you make a mistake in your selection.

    Shipping costs will be automatically calculated for each European country and multiple orders. All orders will be shipped to the address provided at the checkout. We are not accountable for orders sent to incorrect address provided by the client.

    Order processing time is 3 to 7 working days. Please, allow at least 7 working days for delivery (depending on your location delivery may take between 2-7 working days). The overall waiting time from placing an order to receiving the product is between 10-14 working days (depending on location). Please, be aware that these are estimated time frames and depending on the workload some processing times may be longer (up to 4 weeks). We will inform you, should your order experience delays in production or delivery.

  4. COPYRIGHT: using Florence Backdrops designs with a purpose of slating the good name of the company is strictly forbidden.

    We do not permit using any of our products with a purpose of creating printable and/or digital backdrop designs (including small sceneries), printing or copping to resell in any form (including modifications).

    Florence Backdrops can be resold under “destash” conditions only. This is when you decide you no longer wish to use the product, and sell it to another photographer to retrieve invested funds.

    Making Florence backdrops available to use by larger groups of photographers without Florence Backdrops’es written permission is strictly forbidden.

    In the event of Copyright breach, Florence Backdrops reserves the right to open a legal case and demand financial compensation.

  5. PAYMENTS: we accept payments by card via our shop. Payments must be forwarded immediately after placing an order. Otherwise orders will not be considered as complete.
  6. PROJECT ACCURACY: please, be aware that  the colour palette of designs displayed on the screen will vary from the printed product. The differences in colour saturation, shade or darkness are a natural result of the printing process, however, please be aware that some screens will distort the colours and overall designs further if they are not properly calibrated. For this reason it is advised to assure proper calibration before placing an order as we do not hold responsibility for any discolorations.

    In addition, large backdrops are designed for use in the depth of field (DOF), which means there is a certain distance required between the backdrop and the subject (between 5-10 feet). Large backdrops may occasionally feature a delicate blur, however this is a part of their design and their nature of use, therefore it does not affect the quality of the product.

  7. BESPOKE ORDERS: please be aware that bespoke orders are non-refundable. Due to it’s nature a bespoke design is prepared to satisfy one particular client’s needs and expectations. We will make sure to follow your instructions to create an exceptional design for you and you will be asked to confirm your design before it’s sent of to printing. We cannot be held responsible for accept returns on bespoke orders, should you confirm designs accuracy in the final stages of the process. Orders are confirmed via forwarding the payment
  8. DIGITAL FILES Digital files purchased from this website are offered on the basis of personal license, which allows the client to: 1. Use the files in order to enhance photographs offered to private clients within a photography business. The file is then can be used as a complimentary means to create exceptional photographs for private (non business) clients. 2. Use the digital file to create marketing and promotional materials for the purpose of promoting own business. Personal license these files are purchased with, strictly forbids from: 1. Reselling and/or sharing digital files with third party, under a penalty of 2000PLN – 6000PLN. It applies to all projects sold or shared, including projects created basing on or with the use of Florence Backdrops’ files (including partial use). 2. Printing digital files in a form or to create a photography backdrop, under a penalty of 3000PLN-6000PLN (this applies to backdrops printed when additional licence allowing printing was not purchased). This also applies to all modified projects created basing on or with the use of Florence Backdrops’ files (including partial use).